As a child, I was quickly acquainted with the art world. It was one of the only constants in my life besides my family as we moved around pretty consistently for my earliest years. I lived in Texas for the majority of my childhood, and visiting a local farm regularly secured my love of animals. A visit to Kentucky at the age of five secured my love of horses. So naturally, the move to Kentucky, Horse Capital of the World, was a welcome one.

In middle school my teachers encouraged me to pursue art, though when the time came to choose a profession, I elected to pursue the path of a veterinarian. Very soon after beginning college, an epiphany struck me: this is not where I belong. Within a very short period of time, I was enrolled in art classes and finally found where my passion truly lay.

Although initially excited about my entrance into the creative world, I was quickly struck with the awesome realities and self-criticisms that brought my art gusto to a brief but sudden stop. Unimpressed with my own work, I put down the brush to pursue Graphic Design. Although I still painted occasionally, I never felt as satisfied with my work as I wanted to be, and this always kept my brush hesitant to meet canvas. However, after four years, I came to terms with my skills and my desires as a professional artist, and the brush remarried my hand and they’ve barely been parted since.

After I became comfortable in my own knowledge of good painting technique, I began experimenting with them on my own canvas. I finally accepted the loose and expressive brush strokes of the art I so appreciated, and adopted them as my own style. I have painted and trained with such notable artists as Lori Putnam, Bill Fletcher, John Michael Carter, Scott Christensen, Quang Ho, and presently study weekly with sporting artist Andre Pater.

Member of:
  • Oil Painters of America
  • American Impressionist Society
  • American Women Artists

      Awards | 2016
      May Budding Artist Finalist, Art Muse
      March Budding Artist Finalist, Art Muse
      February Budding Artist Finalist, Art Muse

      Exhibits | 2016
      Plein Air Painters of the Bluegrass - Lexington, KY
      Creative Harvest - Hopewell Museum, Paris, KY